The Special Board for a Comprehensive Plan/LWRP for the village of Cold Spring has scheduled a community planning meeting for the public on May 22, 2010 at 1:30p at the VFW Hall on Kemble Ave.

Leading up to the May 22 meeting, the Special Board will conduct smaller outreach meetings with organizations and stakeholders throughout the community to discuss issues and ideas of particular relevance to them.

  • Riverfront-Boating Facilities and a Riverwalk
    Saturday, Apr. 24 from 2p-4p
    VFW Hall on Kemble Av.
  • The Two Main Streets-the Business Choices
    Monday, Apr 26 from 6p-8p
    St. Mary’s Hall, Chestnut St
  • The Two Main Streets-Community Choices
    Saturday, May 1 from 2p-4p
    VFW Hall on Kemble Av.
  • Foundry/Marathon/Campbell Area-Uses and Designs
    Saturday, May 8 from 2p-4p
    VFW Hall on Kemble Av.
  • Two Historic Neighborhoods-Parrott/Parsonage and Mountain Av
    Saturday, May 15 from 2p-4p at the Village Hall, 85 Main St

The main Community Meeting on the Comprehensive Plan will be held on Saturday, May 22 from 1:30p-4:30p

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