Cold Spring Schedules Public Hearings on Parking

Got ideas about parking waivers for merchants? How about allowing use of composting toilets in public parks?

Here’s a chance to express yourself: The Cold Spring Village Board has scheduled public hearings on both topics on Tuesday, July 13, at the village hall, 85 Main Street. The hearing on parking will begin at 7 p.m. and that on composting toilets at 7:30 p.m. At issue in both: Changes to village law.

The village code currently demands that businesses provide off-street parking. The village board is considering a change to allow businesses on Main Street and Chestnut Street to get a waiver from the rule by paying a fee in lieu of having to provide parking. Under an ad hoc, loosely defined system, businesses now often rent parking places from other commercial establishments for $700 to $1,200 per space annually.  Most need more than one space.

An amendment to the law regarding mandatory sewer hook-ups would permit use in parks of composting toilets, which rely on an aerobic process to function and require little or no water.

3 thoughts on “Cold Spring Schedules Public Hearings on Parking

  1. Not really sure that this applies to non-food businesses. Who’s parking?

    • The parking applies to any and all businesses located on Main Street.

  2. It is only common sense that we get rid of this strange, outdated requirement for new food businesses to provide parking on Main Street. It’s been stifling local commerce for too long. The only way the present arrangement makes sense to me is if the zoning rules in this case are from the 1950’s, or village government are in the pockets of the people who own the nearby strip malls.