Revised Draft Zoning Maps Released

By Gordon Stewart

View them along with earlier versions on the Town website , or click the direct links on the lower right of this page. The current PCNR’s color insert also includes revised and earlier versions The  five new maps are: Open Space Overlay Map, Scenic Protection Map, Cold SpringWatershed/Aquifer Map, Ridgeline Map, and Land Development Map. A revised Draft Zoning Law dated June 3, 2010 has also been made available.
       According to Town Supervisor Richard Shea, “The new maps reflect concerns expressed at the large spring meeting at Haldane School, as well as subsequent discussions with individual property owners. This input, combined with the Town Board’s work on the SPO and the Ridgeline overlay has made it possible to have accurate and functional maps for everyone to review.”
       He added that “Many of the comments we received are incorporated into the current maps. Some were as simple as district line adjustments and others required more consideration. Not every comment resulted in a change as some proposals would have negative consequences for the future of Philipstown.”
       We hope every citizen, property owner or not, will review the maps along with the proposed law itself to make an informed judgment possible.

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