Haldane Breaks Ground on Sustainable Garden

By Elise LaRocco
Haldane has recently broken ground for their new sustainable garden which will have teaching plots from first grade to middle school.  There are plans for next summer to possibly open this up as a community garden.  Here are some volunteers prepping the property in anticipation for when the backhoe and roto-tiller comes in to prep the raised beds.  In addition to the teaching bed there will also be native plant beds and a butterfly garden. The Philipstown Garden Club contributed a donation of funds raised from their recent plant sale to help kick-off this new garden. Pictures courtesy of  Beth Sigler.

6 thoughts on “Haldane Breaks Ground on Sustainable Garden

  1. I’m only seeing five lines of reporting and the photos are not coming up, but I wanted to say that this project is being energetically supported by a wide cross section of local people and groups, and that it probably would not be happening in the large-scale way that it is without the financial (and spiritual) support of the Hudson Highlands Land Trust’s Haldane Environmental Discovery Grant, and the Haldane Foundation. Elise, could you add a list of people who are presently involved and who have been instrumental in this getting started? I’d like to see those folks recognized publicly….
    As the “manager/presenter” of the Haldane Environmental Discovery Grant and leader of the Haldane Explorer’s Club I also want to add that my personal goal for this garden is that it be FULLY integrated into each grade at the school, and that teachers receive professional training so that each element of their curriculum can be taught through the hands-on engagement of their children in the garden itself…. writing and journaling, science observations, music, art, math, problem-solving, etc. etc… In the near future it is our desire to bring a professional gardens teacher to Haldane to present concrete ways for this to happen…. Amen!!

  2. It would be great to see a direct tie-in from the kids’ perspective.
    See the recent dot info article re- Glynwood/Gandara…perhaps some sort of ‘Kids Cooking and Food Review’.

  3. I want to add that the Garden Committee is a Haldane PTA Committee. The Haldane PTA welcomes volunteers who would like to join us to make this project a reality. Send your names to [email protected]