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  1. Hudson Valley Nuclear Meltdown — Japanese Style?

    The earthquake and resulting nuclear plant meltdowns in Japan should serve as a strong reminder that there is a real potential for a similar catastrophic nightmare scenario here in the Hudson Valley. As some may be aware, the Indian Point nuclear plant has the distinction of being built upon the
    intersection of two active faults that were unknown prior to 2008. According to a seismic study by a prominent group of seismologists at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Science Lab, there is potential for a major earthquake in close proximity to the nuclear reactors.

    In my opinion, the continued operation of the reactors represent a time-bomb that risks the lives of thousands, with the potential to make a “no man’s land” out of a mid-section of the beautiful Hudson Valley.

    My heart goes out to the Japanese people, and it is my hope that their tragic circumstances will be instructive and re-energize opposition to our own local nuclear plant that is built on seismic fault lines.

  2. With the new tax bills being generated, would be useful to hear more about our separate Haldane and Garrison school districts can be merged back into one. The tax assessor advised to us that Cold Spring residents are carrying a substantially higher level of school taxes than Garrison residents, and that the cost Haldane is charging for the upper grades does not come close to equalizing it. He also suggested it would take a legislative remedy (as we know Garrison folks probably are not motivated to do it.) I have no first hand evidence of any of this, but would enjoy knowing if its true and what remedies would be.

  3. I just got back from Main Street where I picked up the new Cold Spring Visitors’ Map. A job well done to say the least. Cara Wood-Ginder did a remarkable job creating the map. I know that a lot of time and effort went into this project and provided funding for it’s completion. This is and will be such a positive for the Village merchants and tourism. Thank you one and all.

  4. Finally my subscription to the PCNR has run out and I’m getting all my news from I have to confess that I do rather miss the irate letters to the editor in the PCNR and find myself sneaking a peek while waiting to check out in a local shop.

    But let me come to the point: now that I don’t receive a paper through my door every week I find that I’m getting out of touch with local news for the simple reason that the paper is not put in front of me. I have to concentrate on local news to then twig that it’s time to look up Any chance that you could send out a weekly e-mail reminder on the day that the paper prints the most new articles? I would be more than willing to pay a yearly subscription fee for the privilege. And I’m betting that others who would like to support you and find themselves equally distracted, would too.