Local Bank Reports Receipt of Counterfeit Currency

The M&T Bank branch on Chestnut Street in Cold Spring has reported receiving potentially counterfeit $20 and $100 bills recently. When this situation occurs the bank is required to confiscate the currency immediately. The bills are then sent to the federal government for a final determination.
       Merchants often keep special pens on hand for times when there is doubt whether money presented for payment is genuine. The ink will change color in the presence of a counterfeit bill. Bank representatives say that there are several other simple ways to determine if currency is legitimate. Real currency is made with woven silk fibers which give it a texture. If the bill is smooth to the touch, it may not be real. All currency also contains a watermark which can easily be read by holding the bill up to the light. As with many things, common sense should be your guide. If you suspect you are being presented with counterfeit money: don’t take it.
       Additional information may be found at http://www.secretservice.gov

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