Haldane Teachers and Staff Reach Service Milestones

At this year’s school opening Superintendent Villanti announced teachers and support staff who have achieved years of service milestones in the Haldane Central School Districts. The following staff is recognized for their contributions to the district

10 Years of Service

Jessie DesMarais

Diana Geller

Laura Hyatt

Robby Hinton

Liz Mancari

Lisa Pray

Johanna Rupp

Andrea Saunders

Sherril Cochran

Leah Horn

Anne Kane

Joscelyn Long

Catherine Scrocca


20 Years Service

Gail Kroener

Eva Cagianese

Gary Van Asselt

25 Years Sevice

Rich Bennett
Joe Griffith
Lori Isler
Anna Lisikatos


30 Years Service

Pat Mazucca

Nancy Noschese

Betsy Rasa


35 Years Service

Joan Brocker

Jean Cendali

Linda Dearborn

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One thought on “Haldane Teachers and Staff Reach Service Milestones

  1. Thank you for posting Haldane Staff Milestones. I jsut wanted to mention that 25 years of service was left out! I (Lori Isler) along with Rich Bennett, Joe Griffiths and Anna Lisikatos, reached that milestone this year, and are very proud!