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Philipstown resident Lillian Rosengarten is taking part in an attempt to challenge the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. For details click here.

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5 replies on “Philipstowner in the NY Times for Gaza Boat Venture”

  1. It was announced about 3 hours ago that Lillian and two other non-Israeli members of the Irene’s crew were released and are in the process of coming home. The 4th non-Israeli member has chosen to remain in jail.

    I applaud Lillian’s bravery and commitment. As a German Jew who fled Nazi oppression as a child, she is staying true to the principles of Judaism by standing up for the oppressed people of Gaza. She is an inspiration to those of us who are committed to the principles but who are not as brave.

  2. Lillian is an inspiration. Her commitment to justice is admirable, especially in light of her own personal history. Now, I wish more Arabs would stand up for Jews.
    We are fortunate to have people like her living in our town.

  3. Bravo to Lillian. It takes a special person to not just say the words and hope for peace but to actively take action in a non violent way. Think the civil rights movement of the sixties and the action that resulted with the possibility of all people to serve important roles across the board in our country. It’s a long way to go, but Lillian took a
    very important first step and we applaud her.
    Sheilah & Bert Rechtschaffer

  4. Lillian Rosengarten is a shining example to all. She put her personal beliefs on the front line – literally. A wrong is a wrong no matter where you live, your religion, or the politics one lives by.

    Next time you hear an armchair or bar stool comment about how someone feels about their cause, mention her.

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