Reconstruction of Walkways Completed at Butterfield

Library Board Members , Friends of Butterfield and Facilities Committee Members gathered at the re-opening (Photo courtesy of Butterfield Library)

Recently created Facilities Committee oversaw the whole endeavor

The construction in front and along side of Butterfield Library is finished and the newly fortified and poured walkways are ready to receive Library-bound patrons once again.

In an official opening ceremony on Saturday, Dec. 5, the reconstructed walkways were pronounced ready.  A recently created Facilities Committee, brought together to assist with building repairs and safety upgrades, oversaw the whole endeavor, from planning stages to bid receipts to the eventual construction. Al Zgolinski, Dennis Gagnon, Peter Downey, and Pam Markano were the Committee members in charge of the project.

The walkway project is being funded through the Where the Sidewalk NEVER Ends fundraising campaign. The Friends of Butterfield raised over $5,000 last month at the Autumn Reception. For more information visit

2 thoughts on “Reconstruction of Walkways Completed at Butterfield

  1. The project looks great & it’s wonderful to see such a talented group of community members assist the library.

  2. this project is a great improvement on what was there! good design, well built, in context….

    thanks much to the group who put this together….