Garrison 2nd Graders Bring Fairy Tales to Life

Fallon Barry presents the story of “Cinderella” to her classmates

Garrison School second graders enjoyed reading and reporting on their favorite fairy tales this past week.  Students created “character tree” posters for their selected stories and presented reports. “This project helps the children feel comfortable speaking in public,” said Garrison elementary teacher, Gina Dodge.“They get to talk about a story they love and practice answering questions from their peers.”

Students were allowed to dress up as a character from their story or bring in a prop.  Cinderella came complete in princess splendor and Puss in Boots wore high black boots and cat ears.  Other students made puppets, to illustrate The Gruffalo, a necklace for The Necklace of Raindrops, a rose for Beauty and the Beast and a head of lettuce as a substitute for Rapunzel’s rampion. “Our students really enjoyed comparing the evil and magical elements in each other’s fairy tales,” said Dodge. “This unit definitely adds enchantment to the season.”

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