Nutcrackers, Nutcrackers and More Nutcrackers!

Linda LeMon shows kids her nutcracker collection

By Alison Rooney

As she has done for years and years, Cold Spring’s Linda LeMon welcomed Haldane’s kindergartners into her home to experience her incredible collection of nutcrackers. An entire room (and then some) is devoted to LeMon’s extensive collection of nutcrackers of every theme imaginable.  In a holiday week tradition, each class walked over to LeMon’s village home where they were met by a pair of large nutcracker greeters outside of the house.  The children’s eyes popped open in wonder as they

Life size nutcrackers greet visitors

entered “the nutcracker room” (it could be a museum) and gazed at the wooden figures. There was a Scrooge nutcracker, a Pilgrim, a bagpiper, a firefighter, a Frankenstein, and way too many et

LeMon regaled the children with the stories behind many of the figures as she has done each holiday season, giving each of the children a very special December memory.
Photos by Alison Rooney

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