Auditions for Chekhov’s The Seagull are Announced

It is the intention of director John Plummer to take the fear out of the audition process and instead to inject some fun into the proceedings.  Auditions for the spring production of Anton Chekhov’s “brilliant human comedy” The Seagull, will take shape in an ensemble fashion, with further breaking down into smaller groups and pairs.  The auditions will be held on Friday, Jan. 28, from 7 — 10 p.m., and Sunday, Jan. 30, from 3 — 6 p.m. at the Depot Theatre, in Garrison.  Those auditioning should be prepared to stay for the entire three-hour block and should be familiar with all scenes/characters in their age range. Coming with questions is welcomed.
The Seagull (from a translation by Laurence Senelick), is the inaugural production of the newly-formed World’s End Theatre, whose founding members are Amy Dul, Maia Guest, Donald Kimmel, Jenn Lee, John Plummer, Gordon Stewart and Nancy Swann.  World’s End will produce in association with the Depot Theatre, with permission from Actors Equity (AEA), under the Special Appearance contract.  There will be a minimum of three AEA actors in the cast. Rehearsals begin April 26. The show opens on May 20 and runs 12 performances on weekends, closing on June 12.

Arkadina – 40s, regional theatre actress, born dramatist, ambivalent mother, holding tightly to her ego, which masks her terror. P 105-106; 123-124; 127-129; 130-132;

Polina – 40s, wife of estate manager, secret lover of town doctor, clinging to escaping youth, desperate to escape. P 83-84; 107-108;

Nina – teens/early 20s, aspiring and eventual actress, seeks fame, burns with passion and faith. P 109-110; 136; 157-158;

Masha – teens/early 20s, depressive, secretive, addictive, directionless, in love with a man she will never be with. P 71-72; 97-98; 137-139;

Treplyov – teens/early 20s, aspiring writer, philosopher, emotional, opinionated, manic-depressive, in co-dependent/desperate love, consumed by fear and rage, suicidal. P 109-110; 127-129; 157-158

Trigorin – 30s – 50s, successful writer, bored, prefers fishing to anything, nurtures a secret but potent ego, likes to be taken care of. P 130-132; 136; 112-114

Dorn – 40s/50s, country doctor, never married, many lovers, smart, enjoys correcting people, seeker of truth, rationalist. P 83-84; 95-96; 97-98; 107-108

Sorin – 50s/60s, retired Govt worker, single, no women, prone to cliche, big heart, frustrated with self but socially conscious, in failing health. P 104; 123-124

Medvedenko – teens/20s, schoolteacher, opinionated but with a moderate opinion of self, in constant financial stress, doting. P 71-72; 137-139

Shamraev – 50s/60s, estate manager, delighted with life, loves his work, oblivious to his distance from his wife and daughter, is the master of his domain. P 123-124

To schedule an audition, please send an email to  [email protected] or [email protected]

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