Cadmium Contamination Muddies Plans for Commercial Boat Mooring

By Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong
Toxic pollution apparently lingers under the Cold Spring dock, adding another dimension to an ongoing village debate about increasing use of the dock for commercial boating. A regional U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official confirmed Wednesday evening (Feb. 22) that despite a massive, 1993-95 Superfund operation to clean-up the mess created by the Marathon Battery Co. plant, the dock  continues to harbor cadmium, at least in small quantities. “There is a limited amount of contaminated sediment under the dock between boulders” that complicated clean-up efforts nearly 20 years ago, Pamela Tames, a professional engineer with the N.Y. Remediation Branch of the EPA, wrote in an e-mail responding to queries from  Project manager for the remediation, Tames explained that during the design phase of the effort, the EPA “determined that there are large boulders and a large discharge pipe beneath the dock, making that area inaccessible for dredge equipment” used to extricate the cadmium elsewhere.  “Therefore we stabilized the deteriorated dock so it wouldn’t collapse during the dredging operation and we dredged around the dock and [river] down to Downey’s pier.”
       During a Tuesday night (Feb.