The Listening Room returns to tonight (Feb. 16) at 7:30 p.m. That reach took a giant leap forward at the January concert when it was broadcast live on Cold Spring Radio and on Internet television. Organizers feel that the Wednesday Feb. 16 Listening Room at 69 Main Street in Cold Spring may stretch that reach even further.
       Ken Veltz, creator of The Listening Room, thinks that the “remote” audience will really take off. Last month’s concert-in-the-round, the first to be broadcast on internet television, attracted viewers from such far-flung places as Los Angeles, San Diego, Buffalo, Nashville and Austin, Texas. Cold Spring Radio also aired the concert live and enjoyed its largest audience to date. It’s putting it mildly to say that Veltz is enthused about The Listening Room’s internet future. “We are in an electronic word-of-mouth age. I think it (internet TV) is going to cause it to explode. It’s just a matter of priming the ‘viral pump’ by getting the word out to the combined fan base of the artists. I’m sure we will develop an international audience. As the television screen and the computer screen merge to become one screen it’s going to be crazy easy for viewers to make entertainment choices with a simple click of the mouse” he said.
       Tonight’s line-up includes: Jake Holmes, Andy Stack, Glen Roethel, Montgomery Delaney, Carla Springer and for the first time at the Listening Room – – Don Sparks. Ken Veltz will host and, along with wife Jeanie, like sing a song or two.

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