Janie, a 4-yr Old Golden Retiever is Lost

Please join search on Saturday and Sunday for sweet Janie. If you can please bring a leash highly desirable food and most important use a sweet gentle calling voice… she is very afraid and will run if chased… Thank you for what ever you can do…
       Janie is a 4 year-old female golden retriever mix, 50 lbs., last seen 3/19/11 in Sterling Forest State Park near Sterling Lake (NE corner). She got loose while hiking with her new family. I was recently adopted recued and am VERY scared of strangers. 
       IF SPOTTED, PLEASE DO NOT CHASE OR TRY TO CATCH ME. Please call my new Mom and the Park Office ASAP to report her location. Owner: Kyla Ratliff (347)266-4909  Park Office: (845)351-5907 

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