The Garrison Union Free School’s 2011 Science Fair, (March 21-24), was a great success. The K-4 students, whose projects were displayed on the 21st and 22nd, showed great enthusiasm and creativity, building cranes and creating computer software that made dogs actually speak. Grade 5-8 students showed their work on the 23rd and 24th.  Their projects ranged from corn syrup eating hamsters to students eating hot sauce to test what food might beat the heat. Winners were selected to represent the school at the Tri-County Science and Technology Fair to be held April 30 at the White Plains High School in White Plains. The students were recognized in a school wide assembly on Tuesday, March 29.

GUFS Science Fair winners

K-4 grade winners: Connor McMahon, Zoel Boublil, Samantha Barber, Charlotte Dinitz, Tim Ben Adi, Solana McKee, Henry Weed, Stephen Suits, Katelyn Pidala and Lia Sachs.

Honorable Mentions: Fallon Barry, Benjamin McGowan, Jill Cox, Aurora McKee, Kailyn August, Phelan Waldron and Emerson DelMonte. 

Grade 5-8 first place winners: Emmanuelle Palicuka, Caitlin McCullough, Philip DiSarro and John Swartzwelder. Second Place went to: Catherine Drotar, Spencer Rundquist, Xanni Vourliotis, Finn Waldron and Tucker Hine. Third Place: Megan Scali, Lucinda Strol, Caroline DiSarro, Emily Azznara, Lizzy Walker and Micah Adams.

Honorable Mentions: George Weed, Elijah DeRoche, John Marcinak, Sarah Kelly, Cameron Palicuka, Hudson Gell, Amanda Erickson, Isabella Adler, Savannah Williams, Emma Suits, Chloe Davis and Natalie Lansbury.

Science Fair Co-chairs this year were Karen Cox and Andrea Rouxel. This year’s mentors and judges included Cathy Bakker, David Drotar, Lisa Mechaley, Linda Lomonaco, Chip Marks, Krista Osborn, Pete Salmansohn, Frank Suits, Joe Waldron, Irina Northup and Katrina Shindledecker. Parent Volunteers were: Melinda Higbee, Jeanette Mayer, Linda Lomonaco, MJ Martin, Donna Pidala, Emily Dupree, Carol O’Reilly, Kym August, Moira Cervone, Kelly Brief, Gina Alvarez and Jen Waldron.      
Photo courtesy of GUFS                

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