The Little Stony Point Citizens Association will host their Annual Spring Cleanup, Sunday April 10th starting at 8 a.m. Every spring, the Hudson River picks up all sorts of debris as it moves towards the ocean, traditionally leaving a great deal of it along the shores. Flotsam and jetsam that have been trapped in the ice for months get released, as well as trees, limbs, discarded lawn furniture, 55 gallon drums and millions of “devil-heads”, the spiky invasive black water chestnuts. Because the Point naturally protrudes into the river’s flow, it acts as a catchall for anything floating down the river, including a large wooden dock and several tall trees this year. The man-made sandy beach, a wonderful leftover from the quarrying days, tends to keep everything that washes up, as opposed to the river’s rockier edges that simply reject floating objects and keep them moving south. A great deal of human intervention each year is required to prepare the beach for summer revelry.      

Beach at Little Stony Point (M.Turton)

Two hour shifts will run on the even hours, (i.e., 8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m.) meeting at the Caretaker’s House, 3011 Rte 9D, Cold Spring, just north of the Fair Street intersection. Kids are encouraged to explore the 25 acres and its shoreline, picking up trash and debris and learning about the detriments of littering. Muscle and machinery will be concentrating on the Sandy Beach area along the North Shore.
       Trash pickers, bags, buckets, water, coffee, refreshments and instructions will be provided. Bring gloves, shoes that won’t be punctured walking on devil-heads, waders for those willing to join the kayakers out in the drink, and the expectation of a memorable time helping your community. Those who have chainsaws, portable sawzalls, loppers, nippers, etc., are encouraged to bring them.

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