recorded the April 19 Cold Spring Village Board workshop meeting at which the debate over keys to the Cold Spring firehouse occurred. The discussion of the keys began about 40 minutes into the meeting (and recording) and continued for a few minutes after the meeting ended.  Click Here to listen.

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3 replies on “Keys to the Firehouse: Who should have access?”

  1. Seems to me, that in today’s world where there are big BIG problems, that twenty minutes spent arguing about keys to a fire building is a gross, colossal waste of taxpayer funded time.

    I am glad that dot info posted this recording, perhaps in the future we can stave off further debates by cutting out the middle man/woman and let people listen for themselves – rather than read articles that in my opinion are written from a definite slant.

    “The problem with political jokes is they get elected.”
    Henry Cate VII

  2. WOW! To key or not to key that is the question. Fifty keys are out and about, whats two more? Sounds like mayor election sour grapes.
    The old mayor was a little bully. Gallagher does not even come close to the old mayors bulling ways. Sure he had the right to have a key. If he was not a member of the csfd he sure would have made sure he got one. Testing a new key in a new lock is done by everyone. Most of the time copied keys dont work and need to be re-done. I can’t help it. I have to say listening to the sound bites both sides at that meeting sounded like a bunch of children who could not get there way.

  3. AW has it on the money.

    Thank you for taking the lead in posting this. It goes to demonstrate how disturbed a meeting can get. It explains how dysfunctional the mayor is with residents and volunteers. Granted the Fire Company should have handled the situation better, but if I were being attacked without provocation, well it explains some of their feelings.

    Does the Village Mayor have three keys to the Boat Club? One of Cold Springs greatest mysterys. Time will tell. Better get a key while you still have a friend on the Boat Club Board. That too is going bust soon. What tangled web we weave when we first… Gallahger knows the rest, he practices it everyday.

    Wasn’t the Citizens Bill of Rights written to protect the residents, to create accountability and responsiveness to the residents? Wasn’t the Citizens Bil of Rights a plagiarized copy as best as anyone can tell penned by Mayor Gallagher.

    Great grand standing piece!

    I suppose your pictures this week while they were shooting the movies is not grand standing.

    Pod casting of meetings would resolve this nonsense. But the Village Working Group (the people’s voice of insanity) would be opposed to it as it exposes “King #2”.

    We get that many of you have an axe to grind with the old Mayor. That is history and you will for ever be cursed to live there.

    We are here today; deal with the present, stop living in the past unless you plan to learn from it.

    Gallagher had an opportunity to be a mayor. He was granted a gift to do right by the Village. He torched that shot in a heart beat.

    Too bad power got to his psyche. What came first the narsicisism or the physhe issues. I dare say it was the egg. Isn’t that right Bruce. Now no your head, say yes, you have my permission.

    The last time I spoke to Gallaghers mother, she would say, he should stay out of politics!

    She knew better and knew something that we never knew. Well the secret is out. May God rest her soul.

    What would O’Tots have to say about this Gallagher? I bet he is disappointed in what you have become. I miss his talks.

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