Arts on the Lake Presents 5th Annual Spring Art Exhibit

Mask by Wendy Alvarez

 Arts on the Lake’s Spring Art Exhibit opens this weekend, with an Artists Reception taking place on Saturday, June 21. During the opening weekend, May 21-22, there is the additional offering of a hand-selected Arts Book Sale by the Friends of the Kent Library of both bargains and collector items.
       This multi-artist exhibit is open on May 21, 22, 28, 29 and 30, with daily hours from 1 to 5 p.m.  The artists scheduled to exhibit include: Larry Alfano, Wendy Alvarez, Turizzo Anaya, Pallas Athene, Patricia Bolgosano, Taras Borovyk, Lesia Prokopiv Borovik, Keith Brooks, Margaret Brooks, Chris Casaburi, Michelina Compton, George Davison, Eric Ficinus, Toni Flynn, Pal Gyomai, Eleanor Haggerty, Kathleen Hoekstra, Michael Keropian, Deborah Lecce, Don Longabucco, Joan Maliniak, James McGuire, James Muleva, Jerry Michalak, Sharon Nakazato, Amanda O’Shaughnessy, Katherine Pacchiana, Ekaterina Piskareva, Lisa Pitt, Joseph Pizzuti, Michael Rossi, Rena Scelia, Mary Schreiber, Greg Solanto, Gerald Spette, Kimberley
Standerwick, Matt Tannenbaum, Bill Ullman, Jamie Vogel, and Roy Volpe.
       Local artist Wendy Alvarez, who will be showing colorful masks made of palm tree bark, explains that she and many artists and art lovers keep returning to Arts on the Lake because, “Community is important for artists and Arts on the Lake provides a hub for all creative people. I like to show at Arts on the Lake because it is a true center for the Arts in the area.”
       Arts on the Lake is located at the Lake Carmel Cultural Center, 640 Route 52, in Kent Lakes. Admission is free. More information is available at or845-228-2685.
Photo courtesy of Arts on the Lake

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