Boscobel opened for the season on April 1, and celebrates a big birthday its “50th” today. In honor of the occasion, there will be a big party commemorating the birthday with free admission to the grounds and the party. Stepping back in time, house tours will only charge the 1961 fee of $1 for adults and 60 cents for children. Acting Executive Director Carolin Serino said “I”s a truly retro endeavor to create another historic moment-which is what Boscobel is all about.”
Over 30 special events will take place over the coming months, some new this year and others traditional favorites.  New events include a Wet & Wiggly Pond Exploration on July 9; Blues @ Boscobel with Guy Davis, on July 18 and an 1800s Dinner in the Mansion on Nov. 4. Artists are welcome to Boscobel on the second Tuesday every month, at no admission, throughout the season to practice their talents on the postcard-worthy scenery. For more information on all of the programs, visit or phone 845-265-3638.

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