The Lakeland CSD Annual Science Symposium will be held Tuesday, May 31 at Lakeland High School at 7 p.m. The program features students’ work in the science research program at Lakeland and Walter Panas high schools. The keynote speaker will be Michael P. Perrone, Ph.D. from IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center, who will talk about Watson, the supercomputer that recently won a Jeopardy match against two human contestants. Science research students will follow Perrone’s remarks with presentations of their research projects in the school cafeteria, where they will be on hand to describe their research and answer questions. Kaitlin Hamilton will speak about Temporal Comparative Analysis of H1N1 Influenza A Virus Protein Residues to Assess Selection Sites and Frank DiRenno will discuss Fabrication of Nanoscale Mechanical Resonators Using a Bottom-up Production Technique.
The Lakeland science program is geared toward students with a passion for science. Students who participate in the program are afforded the unique opportunity to enter a professional world from a high school setting. Students select an area of interest, narrow their efforts to a specific topic, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Students are encouraged to contact professionals in their area of interest for guidance and to act as mentors.  A mentor relationships, with an advising scientist, is the cornerstone of the research process for the student. Once established, the student is aided to develop an original research project. Once complete, the project is described in a written research paper, which is submitted to the Intel Science Talent Search.

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