“It is certainly gratifying to have to type the words: ‘Due to Popular Demand, The Seagull is Extending Through June 19!'” said World’s End Theatre  and Seagull director John Plummer.  The show, performed half outdoors and half indoors, opened on May 20.  Plummer went on to say that:

Our company, our remarkable playwright and above all our amazing audiences share the credit for this victory.  There’s been a tremendous unification of the ensemble with the script, and both with each unique audience that comes to Garrison Landing to watch the play unfold fresh each night. As the person who has spearheaded the marketing campaign, I know we’ve made a terrific effort, but the full houses we’ve been getting and the tremendous feedback online and in person takes that marketing to an at once much bigger and much more personal level.  Clearly, people are talking about this show in a way that’s filling our houses up.  So thanks to our wonderful co-presenters at the Depot Theatre, we’re allowed to extend an additional three performances (all the schedule allows).
       I know these shows will fill up fast — this coming weekend is nearly sold out already.  So if you’ve wanted to see The Seagull, but haven’t been able to work it out, this could be your chance.  Or if you want to return and see how much it’s changed, don’t hesitate.  Order tickets online HERE or call 845-424-3900.

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