The Doors of Philipstown

Door 3 Shot1

How many can you identify?

By Michael Turton 

You’ve all seen the posters and the calendars. “The Doors of Dublin”, “The Doors of London.” Well, move over England and Ireland. Here comes “The Doors of Philipstown.”  Take a look at these doors! Some are spectacular. Some are so ordinary they are anything but ordinary. Some may even be funny. This is an interactive photo essay. You might even call it a test. If you can identify more than half of these doors you might even be considered a true Philipstown-ite. Or is it a Phlipstownton-ian? But there is a catch. You must try to identify each door on the first of three photographs. But you are in luck. There is an escape clause. If you can’t identify a door on the first photo you can move on to the second. If you correctly identify the majority of these photos by the first or second photo then you pass the test. You are a true Philipstowntonian. The third photo will divulge the true identity of each door. It is safe to say that each of these doors is pretty well known – or at least easily seen in everyday life here in Philipstown. Are you ready?  Go through the slide show. Keep track of your score. Good luck. And please”¦don’t forget to close the door behind you.


2 thoughts on “The Doors of Philipstown

  1. I remember door #2 very well. Many members of our community walked through those doors. I for one walked through those doors five days a week until the door was locked forever. It was a sad day for this community and I will never forget.