Village Board Meeting: All Business

The Cold Spring Village Board (left to right): Trustee Charles Hustis, Trustee Bruce Campbell, Mayor Seth Gallagher, Trustee J. Ralph Falloon, Trustee Airinhos Serradas

Eclectic agenda features water mains, composters, docking fees and fireworks

By Michael Turton 

Cold Spring village board meetings have been known to be raucous at times, possibly even more often than not, but on June 14 trustees poured through the mixed-bag agenda with little disagreement or fanfare. Greg Phillips, Superintendent of Water and Sewers, gave his monthly update – including a request that trustees consider expanding the scope of the Water Main Relining Project. Currently the water main will be cleaned and relined to a point just below the stop light at Main and Chestnut Streets. Phillips suggested that the project be continued west to the railroad tracks, a move that would increase the project cost from $930,000 to $1.17 million. “That’s not insignificant, but if you’re bonding it should be considered,” he said. In his written report Phillips said expanding the project is justified by “the significant water quality improvement to the core of the village. It will also significantly improve fire flows to the area of the village with the tallest structures and the highest density of those structures.”  The term “fire flow” is used to describe the amount of water available at hydrants during fire events. 

Boats at the Cold Spring Dock
The schooner Mystic Whaler’s presence at the Cold Spring main dock twice in recent weeks is an indication of things to come as more boats take advantage of the village’s scenic waterfront. Trustees moved to ensure that the dock’s popularity will also result in increased revenue for the village as they set a rate of two dollars per foot per day for boats that dock here.  

LWRP funding
It appears that State funding for completing the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) may be in jeopardy. In his report to the village board, Mike Armstrong, chairman of the Special Board for the Comprehensive Plan and LWRP, said, “”¦normally, by this time”¦the State can say whether funding is available – but not this year”¦realistically, we may be faced by late summer with a decision to either go on”¦using village funds, or to defer further work after fulfilling the current State contract this fall.” The Special Board will meet on June 23 to discuss concept plans for the village truck yard. 

Boat club
Membership has its privileges – and the Cold Spring Boat Club limits membership to residents of Philipstown – both boat owners and associate members. Nelsonville resident and former boat club commodore Tom Robertson attended the village board meeting, expressing concern that a resident of Beacon had been granted membership. According to Robertson he was told by the new member that Mayor Seth Gallagher had said he would like to see people from Beacon in the boat club. At the meeting Robertson said “I don’t believe that’s true (the Beacon member’s statement). People at the boat club are great, but they don’t want to talk about it.” Gallagher responded immediately. “I never made that statement. It’s pretty clear – membership is for Philipstown residents.” The matter went no further.

Mayor and trustees’ reports
In his report Gallagher said that seniors in the village have expressed interest in having transportation for shopping outside the village to areas such as Fishkill. “Seniors without a car have limited options,” he said. Gallagher is looking into splitting the cost of a program with the Town of Philipstown. He said that buses could be rented from Haldane at a reasonable rate and that the program could cost as little as $5,000 annually. 
       Gallagher also used the meeting to show off one of 100 composters that the village purchased and will sell to residents at cost. The units cost $40 and a “turner” can be purchased for an additional $25. Village clerk Marry Saari said that only a small supply has been received thus far. Residents are advised to call the village office in advance at 845-265-3611 to ensure units are available.
       Trustees approved an $8,000 contract for fireworks at Community Day on July 3. The day will also feature a parade and waterfront festivities, which include music by Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams. The Foundry All-stars will play during the fireworks.
      Nordstrom will pay the village a $1000 fee to conduct a one-day fashion photo shoot in Cold Spring on either June 22 or 23. Trustee Airinhos Serradas suggested that the village should draft a more stringent contract, however village attorney Stephen Gaba said that a detailed contract had been written recently for movie and television shows shot in the village and that if a big production were to take place in the village “we can ramp it (the contract) up then.”
       Trustee Bruce Campbell said that he will meet with residents of Church Street to discuss traffic calming devices that might be employed there.

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