Living Room Opens on Main Street

By Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong 

Offering good and services ranging from A — for Actors’ Lab — to Z — for Zumba, the Living Room opened on Saturday (June 25)  at Number 103 on Cold Spring’s Main Street, in quarters that  long-time residents may remember as Palen’s Drug Store. Like the long-gone pharmacy, whose name partially remains above the door, the Living Room focuses on health and well-being. Its offerings feature elements for both body and soul, including massage, guitar classes, drumming, yoga, kickboxing, drawing, ballet, Qi Gong-Tai Chi, and Zumba, which proprietor Nathalie Jonas described as a form of “Latin-dance influenced fitness.”      

Renovated interior space awaits action

 A large, polished wooden floor fills the back of the long ground level space and shelves with herbal teas, toiletries, and other health-oriented amenities line the front. Shortly after 12 noon on Saturday, an official ribbon-cutting got underway with a bagpipe serenade and welcome from Mayor Seth Gallagher, as about 20 passers-by and friends of Jonas and her colleague, Philip Nobel, gathered round. “As mayor, I want to say welcome to Main Street and thank you for opening up your business here,” Gallagher said, in between a brief tour of the space and more bagpipe music outdoors.
       Ellyn Rosenthal gave a prayer-like invocation for the Living Room, where on July 16 she will offer a program, Truth at the Heart of Each Moment. “Thank-you for making this space that helps us to remember ourselves, our deepest selves, and make moments for living,” Rosenthal said.  “May it teach us how to live.”
       “We’re so happy to be here,” Jonas responded, cutting a broad blue ribbon strung across the doorway. The group thronged in and a weekend of free classes, concerts, refreshments, and Living Room relaxation began. 
Photos by L.S. Armstrong

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