The crowd gathers before the show

By Michael Mell

It may not have been Cannes or the Academy Awards, but the Cold Spring Film Society’s inaugural screening of The Princess Bride can be judged a great success. At 7:30 p.m. there were perhaps 30-40 people picnicking in front of the screen. By 9 p.m. the sky had darkened and Film Society co-founder Stephanie Hawkins announced that “there were almost 600 people” who had come to see the film. There appeared to be some “technical difficulties” that prevented the promised cartoons and shorts, but the feature presentation was crystal clear and audible to all. An informal survey by Cold Spring Mayor Seth Gallagher indicated that the bulk of attendees came from Cold Spring, followed by Nelsonville, Philipstown-at-large and even a smattering from points farther away. Based upon this successful event, one can easily imagine an even larger audience for the screening of North By Northwest, which will be the second of three planed films for the summer series. It will be shown Saturday, July 23; rain date Sunday, July 24. 
Photo courtesy of Jen Zwarich

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Mell is a freelance journalist and former editor at The Current.

6 replies on “The Princess Bride Draws Large Crowd to Dockside”

  1. I am so happy that the turnout for this event was that amount of people. The Cold Spring Film Society should be proud of themselves for what they did for the community that night, and I am looking forward to future movies down at the dockside property. One thing though, people should remember to keep themselves armed with bug spray and wear pants with socks. This year, with the rainy weather we have had, ticks and sand fleas are rampid in those areas. Please remember to spray yourselves with bug spray and for infants in strollers, please make sure that bug nets are put over the strollers so to protect the children from insect bites. Other than that, a great success that night.

  2. And kudos should go to whomever cleaned up. I was down at Dockside at 7am Monday and the only piece of garbage I found was a plastic cup that had fallen behind a rock. I was amazed and heartened that the 600+ people who attended this event cleaned up after themselves.

  3. One other comment – please remember to bring flash lights – it might be light when you arrive, but it sure is dark when you leave!

  4. What a FANTASTIC reflection of community spirit and all of the great energy in this town. We are so lucky in Cold Spring! Live anywhere else? Inconceivable!!

  5. I was at the movie viewing, loved it. I was wondering, whether a Public Performance License was obtained to show copyrighted materials to such a large group? Don’t want to be a fly in the peanut butter – but was just curious.

    I know that if I show a movie in my living room to friends that I am not in violation of any copyright, but I thought if I were to project that movie on a large screen for many, many people that I would owe the owners of those creative licenses a fee. Any idea?

  6. In response to the “anonymous” posting below:

    We did, in fact, procure all the proper licenses and permits to show all three films being featured this summer. Please feel free to make a donation in support of our efforts to bring free films to our community and to help cover the cost of our Public performance license fees the next time you attend a screening. North By Northwest will be screened July 23rd. Enjoy the show!

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