Philipstown Community Volunteers Clean Route 9

Neighbors made a practical personal contribution to a cleaner environment on Saturday, June 25. Volunteers from Citizens of Philipstown, wearing neon safety vests, orange bags and “litter  pickers,” cleaned a  2-mile stretch of Route 9.

The Adopt-A-Highway program, sponsored by Putnam County, allows individuals, groups, and businesses  to make an  immediate difference in the town. Based on the success of this first effort, Citizens of Philipstown have already made  plans for  another cleaning day in the fall, and are inviting volunteers in Philipstown to make a personal difference right in their own backyard.

Photo courtesy of Citizens of Philipstown

One thought on “Philipstown Community Volunteers Clean Route 9

  1. It is good to see Rte 9 being cleaned up. Putnam Cty has been getting volunteers to clean up county rds for several years. But for some reason they kept forgetting Peekskill Rd. For three years I called but, finally this year, after calling, they sent over a county crew. They did a good job but I hope they can put it on their permanent list for enlisting volunteers. Especially since it parallels Foundry Creek and the cemetery for most of it’s length.