Young Republicans Open Cold Spring Office

Challenging Democrats ‘right in their holy land’

By Michael Turton

Putnam County Young Republicans Club (PCYRC) officially opened its Main Street office in Cold Spring on July 16. The Saturday afternoon event was attended by a who’s who of Putnam County Republican politics. The honor of cutting the ribbon to mark the occasion went to Katie Giachinta-DeMarco, the only PCYRC member running for public office in this fall’s election. The 29 year-old Nelsonville resident is seeking a seat on the Philipstown Town Board.               

PCYRC president John Greene

PCYRC president John Greene said that in part, opening the Main Street office was a result of the Putnam County group’s desire “to do something different than other chapters in New York State.” It seems they have accomplished that goal. Greene, who also serves as a member of the Town of Kent town board, said that no other Young Republicans Club in New York state has opened a campaign office. “We plan to be active in most of the races in Putnam County,” he said. In his remarks at the podium Greene said that the new office has been well received in Cold Spring. “It kind of feels like home now,” he said. Greene said that while there have been a few negative comments from passersby, a number of local business owners have extended a welcome, including Cold Spring Mayor Seth Gallagher – a Democrat.      

U.S. Congresswoman Nan Hayworth

U.S. Congresswoman Nan Hayworth picked up on that theme when she addressed the crowd of about 30 supporters. “It’s not surprising that this office is being welcomed here. It represents freedom, opportunity and jobs. Putnam County is the reddest, most Republican county in the state,” she said. Speaking with prior to the ceremony Hayworth said, “It’s so important that young people get involved in the political process. As a Republican I’m very excited to see this organization set up in Cold Spring. It’s a very good thing for Putnam County.”

N.Y. State Senator Greg Ball

New York State Senator Greg Ball left little doubt as to what he sees as the value of the new office. “It’s a great day. I see a lot of new faces here “¦at the grass roots level. That’s where elections are won and lost. You’ve got to go to their strength and that’s what you’re doing – right here in their holy land.” 
       When asked by why she was running for office Giachinta-DeMarco said, “I’m fifth generation here. I recently started my own family here. It’s time for new leadership and I have the desire and energy to do so.”      

Town board incumbent Barbara Scuccimarra (L) and newcomer Katie Giachinta

The Philipstown election will see incumbent supervisor Richard Shea challenged by Republican candidate Lee Erickson. The race for two seats on the town board will feature a four-way battle involving two incumbents – Democrat Nancy Montgomery and Republican Barbara Scuccimarra along with challengers Giachinta-Demarco and Dave Merandy, a Democrat and former president of the Haldane Board of Education.  
       The PCYRC office is located at 135 Main Street in Cold Spring, in a building owned by local residents Carl Hansen and his daughter Lillian Moser. In exchange for having refurbished the space PCYRC will receive free rent until the end of the year. PCYRC members must be between the ages of 18 and 40. There are currently about a dozen members.
Photos by M. Turton

4 thoughts on “Young Republicans Open Cold Spring Office

  1. Can Nan Hayworth and any other republican complete a sentence without the word “jobs” in it? Well that’s easy because they haven’t created one in the ten months they’ve been in office. They open an “office” in the only blue town in this heavily red county and she thinks it is a “good thing” for Putnam County, i.e., if the entire county were red. Putnam County is a prime example of the decay that happens when a body is run for years by one party. And I’m glad to see that Ball could find his way here without some form of demonstration which would give him another soap box upon which to pontificate. It should come as no surprise to many that he should “see a lot of new faces here.” He spends so little time in this “holy land” it is surpirsing that he ‘knows’ anyone.

  2. Gary W. – great point on re: putting politics aside. The improvements to the building’s exterior are great and were long overdue. It is also nice to see some diversity (from the usual antique shops and art galleries that are more geared towards the weekend crowds) in the businesses and organizations that have taken up residence on Main Street over the last 12 months or so. Great new shops, GoGo Pops,, the Cold Spring Apothocary, the Living Room, etc. and now the PCYRC. Long may it continue!

    I hope our new neighbors in the PCYRC are treated as neighbors and not subjected to the same invective and nastiness that has taken over all political discussions at the national and state level. Welcome PCYRC!

  3. Andy Merante, you are very negative.
    These young (call them Republicans although they could be Democrats) guys and gals have worked hard to fix up that building on Main Street. They are excited young adults who are involved in the process of political discussion. They are enthusiastic, energized, and naive to the partisan workings of people like you who would rather destroy than discuss.
    I want to know how many jobs you have created in the last 10 months-or EVER created, for that matter? Or are you in favor of higher taxes and more spending in Town Hall, adding to the fact that Putnam County is now the 11th highest taxed county in American.
    I call that one party “Taxation Decay” and I think this town is in need of a root canal.

  4. We need to go beyond the root canal, an exorcism is in order. And before the censorship police take this the wrong way, read on, this is a call for unity and for a cleansing of the same old politics. Club Putnam is not dead and it is not one party, Club Putnam thrives whole heartedly within the walls of Philipstown Town hall and the Philipstown community.

    Let’s all come together and pray for this community, this county, this state, this country and this world. Self interest and cronyism is the currency of the day, augmented by the entitlement society.

    Too much is blamed on one party or the other. Not enough is done to fix the problems. What we all see is that the atypical political hacks always come out touting the party line during election years.

    As Mr. Rolston states and so do others, what have you done lately? Sitting on a few boards, we have witnessed an ever pandering agenda that neither meets the stated law nor decorum. Too many times the board which you preside over has continued to break down every person or business that has come into the town to conduct, build, renovate or revitalize their property.

    Mr. Merante, when are you going to call your meetings to order? When you have members of your board stating “that is what I want to see happen” not because it is to current code, but a self imposed personal preference. That is an abuse of power. It is time to set term limits on these boards. The old pot has made the soup is stale. We need spice, out with the caldron.

    The Philipstown planning board ought to be ashamed of itself.

    If any one doubts this attend a few meetings. A real eye opener!

    So how many jobs has this planning board that you preside over created? I dare say very few to none. Why, because your process does nothing then stall job creation. Unless you are part of the Philipstown illuminati, your S.O.L.

    Lastly I am sad to see Putnam County Chairman Vinny Tamagna finish his last year in office. Too much has been taken for granted as to what this man has brought and continues to do by bridging the east and west mentality at the county level. Other than Chairman Tamagna, no one else has done and continues to do more for his community. Thank you Chairman Tamagna for your years of service.