Electric Projected: Music and Projected Animation in Beacon

At 6 p.m., Aug. 6, at the intersection of Main and East Main Streets in Beacon, the street will be shut down for a party. The evening will begin with 2 live bands organized by local 845, and then, when the sun sets 24 animated shorts will be projected onto the facade of the Electric Windows Building. Each animation is inspired by one of the pieces of art on the building. Electric Windows is a public art project that turns vacant factory buildings into public art canvases by replacing their boarded-up windows with large scale paintings.

The show will be accompanied by a live music mix by DJ Bobby Collins. Afterward, the music and projections will continue for dancing in the streets. Bring a lawn chair to watch the show and your dancing shoes for a night of outdoor fun. The entertainment will last until midnight. More information can be found at www.electricprojected.com.

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