Early Hydrant Flush Scheduled in Cold Spring

Large volumes of calls about discolored water in the village

In response to recent large volumes of calls about discolored water in the village, the Water and Sewer Department will flush the entire distribution system beginning Sunday, Aug. 21 at 9 p.m. Work will continue through the week, with completion anticipated by Friday, Aug. 26. “The issues are generally aesthetic, rather than health-related,” said Greg Phillips, superintendent of the department. “The presence of an available free-chlorine residual in water samples, is typically a good indicator that potential pathogens are disinfected,” he added.

While the flush is generally performed in the fall, a discussion between Mayor Gallagher and Phillips determined that there is an ample supply of raw water from the recent rains. The high water flow volume during the flush acts to scour the interior lining of the water mains and with it, much of the discoloration. Periods of low pressure and discoloration may occur each night during the flush. Residents are advised to let the water run until it is clear.

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