Garrison Fire Company Thanks Businessman

Firefighter Dan Sussman in front of Appalachian Market

On behalf of the Garrison Volunteer Fire Company, President Jamie Copeland and Chief Joseph Surace offered local businessman Joseph Giachinta their deepest thanks and appreciation for his very generous loan of an emergency generator during the blackout caused by Hurricane Irene. Giachinta’s Appalachian Market had suffered an extraordinary loss due to sudden flooding along Route 9, and the company’s engine was unable to pump fast enough to compete with the incoming water; and yet immediately afterward he came to the rescue when the blackout hit and the company’s backup generator failed. His selflessness and kindness in the midst of imminent and damaging emergencies was an inspiration to us, said Copeland.  We are all lucky that the damage from Irene was so much less than forecast; [and] we are luckier still to have you [Giachinta] as a member of this community that we love so much, added Surace.

2 thoughts on “Garrison Fire Company Thanks Businessman

  1. I’m so impressed with all these reports of our community coming together to help each other during this weather event. We live in a wonderful town.

  2. I’ve been happily patronizing his store and gas station for some time and I’ll now continue with an even stronger sense of loyalty. Good man! And not for nothing, but has anyone noticed that his gas prices are discernibly lower than most other stations around?