By Alison Rooney 

Worries about a low turn-out at the 9th Annual Cold Spring Farmers’ Market Community Dinner proved unfounded as the final reservation tally clocked in at around 275 happy diners.  The soggy weather, which has been a bane and then some to many Hudson Valley farmers this season, did not prove a deterrent to the market supporters who enjoyed the mix of cocktails, music and a repast full of the Market’s bounty. The festivities took place on Sept. 7 at The Garrison, with attendees filling all three rooms, chatting animatedly in small groups.
       This low-key affair is a way for the farmers and other vendors to celebrate their market and for their customers to offer support for its continuation.  Brief remarks by Community Dinner co-chairs Krystal Ford and Liisa McCloy-Kelley were the sole items on the evening’s “agenda.”a The balance of the evening consisted of mixing and mingling and loading plates high with the delicious food prepared by the chefs Vinny Mocarski of The Valley Restaurant and Jason Wood of The Tavern from ingredients donated by the market vendors. Tomatoes, corn, zucchini, mushrooms, local mozzarella, chicken, beef and more in various combinations were enjoyed by all. Music was provided by John Teagle, Al Hemberger, Joe Johnson, Doug Wygal and Phil Heffernan and the dance floor was filled with a lively group of kids and a few of their elders.
The Market continues outdoors at the Butterfield Hospital parking area through October before moving indoors to the Philipstown Recreation Community Center from November to May.
Photos by A. Rooney


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