On Dec.1, New York State’s Department of Coastal Resources (NYDCR) formally advised Cold Spring Mayor Seth Gallagher that the Cold Spring Local Waterfront Revitalization Strategy (LWRS) prepared by the Cold Spring Special Board for a Comprehensive Plan/LWRP had been accepted. The Strategic Plan had been submitted on Nov. 16. The Strategy fulfills a $50,000 grant contract established in 2006.

“This is great news for the Village” declared Mike Armstrong, chair of the Special Board. The LWRS represents five and a half years of work, thousands of volunteer hours, over two-dozen public forums, and public meetings held twice a month throughout the whole period. The 169-page Strategy is available on the Village website  and at the Village Hall and Butterfield Library.

The all-volunteer, nine-member Special Board worked long hours to complete the Strategy on schedule and on budget.  The Board, which includes vice chair Anne Impellizzeri, secretary Marie Early, treasurer Cathryn Fadde, Karen Doyle, Stephanie Hawkins, Anthony Phillips, Michael Reisman, and Dick Weissbrod, represents a wide range of backgrounds, from fairly recent arrivals to life-long residents, and many different interests. The Special Board was assisted during the past two years by GreenPlan, Inc., a firm specializing in LWRS planning.

If funding can be obtained, the Village intends to complete the full LWRP. This could include a Harbor Management Program, which would give the Village standing in directing its own future. As well, it will significantly enhance the village’s ability to win grants. The Village has applied to the State for a $27,000 grant to prepare a LWRP, which is estimated to take about a year, including preparation of the program and the approval process.

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