Tunnel Attracts Photo Shoot

Impromtu photo-shoot

By Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong

The pedestrian tunnel under the railroad tracks on Main Street in Cold Spring periodically collects water, crowds, and kids enjoying its echo possibilities. On Sunday afternoon (Nov. 27) it attracted a camera crew seeking to break into big-time fashion photography. Led by Kevin Paige, the group set up lighting and posed a young woman against the dank walls, turning the tunnel into a photo-shoot and temporarily halting foot traffic to the Hudson Riverfront.

Based in the Wappinger Falls area, the 32-year-old Paige started out pursuing aeronautical science in college but gave it up for photography and now takes pictures for weddings, awards presentations, and similar events, as well as for publicity projects. He came to Cold Spring because “we’re putting together our books for the fashion world,” he said, after snapping a several shots of the young model, who sported a vampy bordello-esque outfit and stiletto-heeled boots.  “We’ve put together a great product, if for nothing else for the love of it.”

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