Indian Point Reactor Shut Down

Entergy, which operates the Indian Point nuclear power facility, shut down its Unit 2 plant yesterday morning (Tuesday, Jan. 10) after detecting problems with a pump that supplies cooling water to the reactor. According to the company, no release of radioactivity took place and repairs to the pump were underway Tuesday. Indian Point contains two nuclear reactor plants — Unit 2, and its sister plant, Unit 3. Entergy said Unit 3 continued to run, as usual. The company said it had notified the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the Unit 2 incident.

The NRC has received applications from Entergy for renewal of Indian Point’s licenses, each for 20 years. The current Unit 2 license is set to expire in 2013 and citizen and environmental activists have mobilized to prevent its re-licensing. Unit 3’s license expires in 2015. Located in Buchanan in upper Westchester County, Indian Point is not far from the Philipstown and Putnam County lines.

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