Julia the golden eagle, partly blind after a vehicle struck her, shows off her 7-foot wingspan. “She is extremely well-behaved, a sweet-natured bird,” Streeter said of the 14-pound raptor.

Bill Streeter, director of the Delaware Valley Raptor Center, Milford, Pa., brought six of his shelter’s residents to Long Dock Park in Beacon for Scenic Hudson’s volunteer breakfast and afternoon program for kids Monday, Jan. 16, a national holiday. Birds of prey, they have permanent disabilities that prevent them from being returned to the wild. All demonstrated engaging, placid personalities when on display to a roomful of awed admirers.

Weighing only 3 ounces, Mortimer, a saw-whet owl, is blind in one eye after being hit by a car.
Maximus, a great-horned owl shot and trapped in a barbed-wire fence, shares a blissful moment with Bill Streeter during their presentation.

Photos by L.S. Armstrong

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