COP Website to Air Videos of Town Board, Planning Board Meetings

‘Desires to foster a healthy dialogue’

Citizens of Philipstown (COP), the local government monitoring and public affairs group formed during the town rezoning furor in 2009, Tuesday (Feb. 14) announced that its website now will provide unedited video feeds of monthly Philipstown Town Board and Planning Board meetings. Along with the formal monthly meetings, held the first Thursday of a month, the Town Board also holds periodic workshop sessions, usually on a Wednesday.

Providing the videos from the monthly meetings “is another pioneering public service,” COP President Tony Bardes said. “I remember COP also being the first non-governmental organization to post online, within hours of [their] becoming public, the different versions of the maps and drafts of the law during the zoning initiative. I am glad that citizens of the community will be able to watch, at their own convenience, high-quality, unedited video streams any time, day or night, of the most critical meetings that take place in our town.”

Urging others to “be informed; participate!” the organization added that it “desires to foster a healthy dialogue and involvement of the citizens in the democratic process and participation in public affairs of our community.” As of Tuesday, COP had posted the video of the Feb. 2, 2012, Town Board meeting.

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