Foundry Preserve to Close Temporarily

Volunteers raise sandbag dam to protect sensitive ruins from Foundry Brook last December

Scenic Hudson needs approximately two weeks for repairs

Scenic Hudson will conduct repair work along Foundry Brook at its West Point Foundry Preserve to further protect the historic and archeological site. A 134-foot section of the stream bank will be rebuilt to repair damages caused by Hurricane Irene and provide a more flood-resilient shoreline. During the storm, water rushed over sections of the partially buried blacksmith shop ruins, opening up a new channel and flooding low-lying areas of the preserve.

Due to machinery and trucks needed for the restoration effort, the preserve will be closed during construction, which is estimated to take approximately two weeks, weather dependent. It is expected to begin the week of March 5.

In early December, Scenic Hudson and a group of volunteers—including many local residents—stopped the heavy flow by creating a temporary sandbag wall along the breached section. This was critical to mitigate damage to the historic ruins. The new work will provide a more permanent solution.  [CLICK HERE TO READ EARLIER STORY]

Reconstructing the stream bank will involve filling over the blacksmith foundation wall and rebuilding the bank using gabion baskets (metal cages filled with crushed stone) and low stonewalls along the washed-out bank. The gabions will bear the brunt of water flowing downstream. The historic blacksmith foundation will remain in place and be protected. Putnam County-based Maple Leaf Associates will do the work.
Photo by L.S.Armstrong

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