Annual Maple Syrup Day at Little Stony Point, Mar. 25

‘Evaporator’ used to turn sap into syrup

Live demonstration of “sugaring”

Little Stony Point Citizen’s Association will host its 23rd Annual Maple Syrup Day, Sunday, March 25 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Caretaker’s House on Route 9D just north of Cold Spring. Last year’s event drew a record crowd, who reveled in fresh-off-the-griddle pancakes, hot apple cider and delicious maple syrup. The event is free and open to all, featuring live music with a backdrop of the beautiful Hudson River. Of course the park is open to anyone interested in a quick hike around the perimeter or to the beach.

There will be a demonstration of how sugar maple trees are tapped and the process involved in transforming the watery liquid dripping out of the trees into the sticky sweet liquid the Native Americans called “sinzibuckwud” literally, “drawn from wood.” A large fire under the evaporator tray, where the water is boiled off, leaves what we know as maple syrup.

A stand operated by the Hudson Valley Maple Farm, a program of N.Y. State Parks at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center, will have bottles of syrup available for those interested in taking some home with them. This group has taps throughout the Taconic Region State Parks, including a number of trees in the woods across from Little Stony Point and will share their knowledge of the history and methodology of maple syrup making.

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