Interview: The Cold Spring Comprehensive Plan

Leaders of the Special Board discuss the role of the Comp Plan in addressing development projects.

By Kevin E. Foley

Just weeks after the Cold Spring Village Trustees approved (in Jan.) a new Comprehensive Plan for the village’s future, several development projects have moved forward, or at least sideways, to test the import of the plan in defining the character of the community. Clearly, the proposed Butterfield development (still in formation but apparently incorporating a new post office), the expansion of the Foodtown supermarket, the just proposed creation of a Dunkin’ Donuts/convenience store/gas station on Chestnut Street, and the likelihood of a proposal, sooner than later, for the Marathon property along Kemble Avenue, present serious challenges to the village citizenry, its governmental structure, economy and indeed the well-being of the town beyond the village lines.  The Comprehensive Plan, five years in the making and the subject of many public meetings and discussions, is intended to be the context for consideration of any future development.

The Special Board for a Comprehensive Plan/Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan, now completing his final report, does not have a formal role in determining the fate of these and other projects.  It will be soon be out of business. Nevertheless, the Village Board recently asked the Special Board members to opine on the Butterfield project and how it relates to the Comprehensive Plan underscoring both the importance of the plan’s existence and the knowledge Special Board members have acquired through their deliberations.

Recently asked Michael Armstrong and Anne Impellizzeri, Special Board chair and vice-chair, to discuss the overall status and purpose of the Comprehensive Plan and its application specifically to the Butterfield project.  This reporter made the choice of subjects discussed.

Here are links to the final version of the Cold Spring Village Comprehensive Plan and the Special Board’s report to the Village Board on the Butterfield project. Video by K.E.Foley

Village of Cold Spring Comprehensive Plan

Cold Spring Local Waterfront Revitalization Strategy

Special Board Comments on the Butterfield Property

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