I Remember, New Works by Carla Goldberg Opens at bau April 12

Multi-media work by Carla Goldberg

What toys did you adore?

Think back to when you were a kid. What toys did you adore? Could you pass up drawing on a dirty window or skipping rocks on water? This is the essence of the new works by New York based mixed-media artist Carla Goldberg. Her work takes a unique look at the commonalities of childhood joy.

The exhibit opens at the bau gallery on April 12 at 161 Main Street in Beacon. The exhibit goes beyond Goldberg’s own childhood as she collaborates online with Russian artist Igor Vaganov. The installation is about their combined experiences as children growing up: in the United States for Goldberg and the former Soviet Union for Vaganov. Goldberg continues the theme of childhood to create other installations based on toys and candy from the 1950s and 60s in Germany with artist friend Heinz “HEGO” Goevert and from the 1970s and 80s with Hungarian artist Krisztina Asztalos. It’s a unique look at the commonalities of childhood joy, the different candies and toys of childhood separated by decades, culture and place, but holding similar positions of reverence in the pantheons of our memory.

The bau gallery is located at 161 Main St., in Beacon. The exhibit will also have openings at the Tria Gallery, in New York on May 3 and the Kunstleben, in Berlin on May 12.
Image courtesy of the artist

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