Artist Depicts Local Scenes in Gallery Show April 21


Signs of Spring

Kenny’s Elmesco, Le Bouchon, Our Lady of Loretto Church and Glynwood Farm are some of the Cold Spring landmarks featured in a show of new landscape paintings at the Terence Donovan Studio & Gallery at 165 Main St. The opening reception, this Saturday, April 21 from 6 to 8 p.m., includes many small (11 x 14″) original oil paintings as well as the larger sized oils village residents may be more familiar with.

The show’s title, Signs Of Spring, refers mainly to the larger pieces that make up the core of the exhibit: familiar streets and intersections and their attendant road signage. The artist, Terence Donovan, has of late been particularly drawn to depicting scenes that feature the backs of road signs. Donovan delights in, as he puts it, “…the paradoxical nature of painting — recording — the back sides of these little monuments of information. Looking from the back, a speed limit or yield sign becomes mysterious, like a koan … you know; ‘what is the sound of one hand clapping?’ – a question that can’t be answered in a linear or rational way.”

Prints of select oil paintings will also be offered for sale. The Terence Donovan Studio & Gallery has been open since November, 2010, with most of the paintings created there featuring various depictions and scenes of Cold Spring.  The gallery is open most days. For more information visit the gallery website  or call 917-974-7303.
Image courtesy of Donovan Studio & Gallery

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