A recommendation of the Comprehensive Plan has been overlooked in the planning for the Butterfield site: “Encourage an increase in the number of overnight accommodations” (4.2.4). This was clearly identified during the planning process as a need in the village.

Benefits of having an inn are to support existing restaurants and shops, provide jobs in the village, serve family and friends of residents, and generate tax revenue to offset residents’ property taxes.

One possibility for an inn would be the location of the original hospital, either byadaptive re-use of the existing building or building a new one on or near that location. The photograph of the original hospital in the PCNR (April 18, p. 12) gives an idea of how an inn might look.

Now that planning for Butterfield is in the hands of the Village Board and the Planning Board, I hope they will remedy this oversight and include an inn as a highly desirable use for the site.


Anne E. Impellizzeri

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4 replies on “For an Inn at Butterfield”

  1. An inn/ small hotel large enough to accomodate small conferences and regional events would be a smart idea. Cold Spring can be an attractive locale for many different types of gatherings without overburdening our infrastructure. Combined with mixed use office/retail could be an interesting investment with long term benefits for both the developer & the community.

  2. Totally agree.

    With the Kittleman House and The Bird and Bottle Inn both out of business, we need an Inn in order to provide a real “welcome” to visitors.

    As most know, as past Philipstown Welcome Center concierge (since fall `09) I interviewed with the Economic Development Corporation and stressed the need for this. And as we also know, the new tourism director (who did not have to go through the interview process) should also recognize this need. We will see.

    Info and updates are on the FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Putnam-County-Welcome-Center/285843129277

  3. This is one of the smartest recommendations that so far has not been accommodated. Tax positive, supports local businesses, provides a service to the community, and does not impact our school taxes. It is self-evidently a brilliant idea.

  4. I think using the old Butterfield Hospital as an inn or even a hostel would be a great idea, for the same reasons stated by others. At the same time, as the local government is thinking about moving its offices and the Fire Company is looking for a new home, I’d like to offer the following suggestions: if the local government moves, Philipstown Town Hall might make a very nice location for a Putnam County Tourism Office; and perhaps the Fire Company could find space at the garages in Nelsonville, beside Pete’s Country Deli.

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