Guillaro Withdraws Butterfield Application

Tactic or the end of the project?

by Kevin E. Foley

According to a letter he filed at the Cold Spring Village Hall today (May 9) prospective Butterfield developer has withdrawn his application for a mixed-use development including senior housing, retail stores and governmental offices. The immediate impact of the letter is to end formal deliberation of the project by the Planning Board and the Village Board.

The issue, which has been in various stages of review for six months, has become contentious among the various parties including members of the public. “The approval process has become too time consuming, costly and frustrating from our perspective,” wrote Guillaro in his letter. (See entire letter).

Another possible consequence of the application withdrawal is allowing the developer and village officials to confer about restarting the process away from public scrutiny.

2 thoughts on “Guillaro Withdraws Butterfield Application

  1. I’m just curious how got a copy of the letter that Guillaro sent to the village so expeditiously. If it was “FOIL”ed, I would hope that the village answers all their FOIL’s so rapidly.

  2. The dance goes on. They hoped to get a Planning Board member to change his vote but failed. O’Rourke implicitly threatened a lawsuit by mentioning “fair use.” Guillaro decided to do an end-run around the Planning Board and force the Village Board — which ought never have been the lead agency — to reach an agreement. No big stretch, since the Mayor and his cronies have been in the tank from the git-go. Problem is, a rotten fish stinks no matter how well it’s wrapped. By the way, the link to that FOILed letter has been removed. I wonder why.