Junk Drawer Confidential: The Sequel

Author fulfills pledge

By Michael Turton

Readers may recall the pledge I made when the original Junk Drawer Confidential story ran on May 4.

I guarantee that by 9 p.m., one week from tonight, they (the 15 cubes) will all be assembled and in place. I will post a photo to prove it.

The cubes were in fact assembled and in place the evening of May 7 and were filled with their intended materials by the evening of May 9.  As a footnote I would add that I have never submitted a product endorsement but I would for yubecube.com  The cubes completely lived up to their billing – even to the pleasant fragrance promised as a result of bamboo being added to the sugar cane – the basic substance from which the cubes are made.

There were only two difficulties. Being a typical older house in Cold Spring, nothing in my abode is true or square, least of all the floors, making stacking the cubes a bit more of a challenge though not a serious one – and that was not the cubes’ shortcoming. Packaging was excellent, instructions were very good, construction is strong and rigid and it’s a great design – with one small exception. Some of the small pins used to hold the cubes tightly together must be installed blind – making it almost impossible. I used about half the recommended number and they seem quite stable. Mind you, I don’t have kids or a dogbumping into them and my Jade plant is very well behaved. I give yubecubes 9 stars out 10. The article has inspired at least two other people to attack their kitchen junk drawer. A few people told me they have no junk drawer – but they were clearly being less than honest. What’s in your junk drawer?
Photo by M.Turton

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3 thoughts on “Junk Drawer Confidential: The Sequel

  1. I like those cubes! Thanks for the picture. What’s in my junk drawer? Which one? I have too many. All filled with the usual culprits: tape, scissors, matches, markers. Absolutely no mermaid bottle opener. I’d like that one for my collection. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t help but smile while reading your junk drawer article. A little disappointed that the follow up piece didn’t include a photo of the junk drawer post clean-up. Maybe soon?

  3. As I mentioned before, I don’t have mouse droppings in my junk drawer – but previous article did inspire me to go through 2 other junk drawers. Sadly, no hidden treasures.