Letter: Evelyn Carr for Haldane School Board

Dear Editor,

Before I got to know Evelyn Carr-White, I saw her all around town. It did not take me long to meet her, since she seemed to be everywhere. It is from witnessing Evelyn in action that I know of her immense commitment to our community, and to our children in particular. I am thrilled that she is running for the School Board, and I urge all voters to join me in supporting her on Tuesday May 15.

All of us have causes we believe in. We strive to do what we can to help. Evelyn goes deeper. Her devotion extends beyond making cookies for a bake sale or helping out for a big event, though she does those things. Evelyn probes problems that exist in our schools and our community. She seeks the root of the issue, and works with others to find a solution. She devotes time, energy, and resources to collaborating with folks of all stripes to improve the situation. She is an inspiration.

The Philipstown Food Pantry, Scenic Hudson, and The Haldane School Foundation are some of the local programs that have benefitted from her efforts. Though her son is only in first grade, she has already acted as a class parent and serves, very actively, as Vice President of the Haldane PTA. She has another son who will enter Haldane in 2013.

Evelyn digs deep. She considers short and long term difficulties and benefits. She is sharp as a tack and can wrap her head around figures and complexities that make my head spin. She is at once fiercely devoted to quality, well-rounded education and yet acutely aware of the stark challenges of funding and taxation and hard times. She is creative, collaborative, and open. She can disagree respectfully, and work as a team alongside those with diverse philosophies.

I am grateful to Evelyn—and all of the candidates– for volunteering to take on the challenging and crucial task of serving on the Board of Education. I encourage all of your readers to vote for Carr-White on Tuesday May 15.


Carolyn Llewellyn
Haldane parent

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