Cindy Miozzi, Haldane's food service director

Glynwood to provide fresh salad and veggies

By Alison Rooney

Thanks to the generous donations made at Glynwood Farm’s annual Gala Fundraiser last fall, Haldane has begun receiving local produce for the school cafeteria. The Garrison Union Free School (GUFS) is receiving Glynwood produce as well for their weekly PTA-sponsored lunches.

Last week, Sandy McKelvey, Haldane parent and director of Hudson Valley Farm to School, delivered the first week of fresh lettuce, radishes and beet greens to Cindy Miozzi, Haldane’s food service director. They were served the following day at the school salad bar. “Dave Llewellyn, Glynwood’s CSA manager, is our local champion. From the very beginning, he has campaigned hard to support Haldane’s and the Garrison School’s farm to school programs,” said McKelvey. The gift to Haldane will be worth over $5,000, and will save the school money that would otherwise have gone to food purchases.

Over the winter Llewellyn and McKelvey picked out seeds to plant especially for Haldane’s cafeteria and farm to school program. For the next three weeks, Haldane will be getting lettuce, radishes, scallions and maybe some spinach and turnips as well. Over the summer, parent-volunteers will be processing the summer vegetables and freezing them for the fall.  “Imagine Cindy’s homemade marinara sauce with local Glynwood tomatoes,” McKelvey mused.

Come fall, the students will return to a salad bar featuring local salad greens, tomatoes and cucumbers. And in the colder months they’ll have carrots, beets, kale, broccoli, onions, arugula, squash and pumpkins.

Serving healthier meals in the cafeteria, improving student nutrition and providing agriculture, health and nutrition education in the classroom are at the core of Haldane’s Farm to School initiative and McKelvey’s organization. With the generous support from the local community, Philipstown’s families are making a significant difference in their children’s future. The seeds have been planted. Working together they will grow strong and healthy.

Any parents who would like to volunteer for the summer processing should email McKelvey at [email protected]. To learn more how you can support Haldane’s and Garrison’s farm to school programs, check out the blog “Hudson Valley Farm to School.” . Hudson Valley Farm to School is a special project of the Hudson Highlands Land Trust.

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