Artist Lecture and Interior Design Talk at Show House

Special presentations by Carla Goldberg and Bill Miller

Bill Miller-designed dining room. Photo courtesy of Cold Spring Arts.

The ArtFull Living Show House will play host to two special events this upcoming week. The first, an artist lecture with Carla Goldberg, will take place this Sunday, July 28, at 1:30 p.m. Entitled Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life: From Pedestrian to Pedestal, the focus will be on opening up your mind to things you come across and letting those things become art, how everyday commonplace items can transcend being merely functional to becoming works of art.

The cost for the lecture and a tour of the show house is $20.

Next Tuesday, July 31 at 12:30 p.m., interior designer Bill Miller will speak on the topic Don’t Forget Your Ceilings, in a combination lecture, lunch and show-house tour program. The program notes state that for many years people have admired the ceilings of churches, mansions and public buildings. Masterworks of craftsmen of the past have been lost and so the beauty of our ceilings. This lecture shows you how to help embellish the largest area of any room through the ceiling. Learn how you can use textures, patterns, moldings, lighting and paint to help bring a wow factor to your ceilings.

The cost of this program is $40, and as space is limited, reservations are essential.

The ArtFull Living Designer Show House is located at Glassbury Court, 3370 Albany Post Road (along Route 9) in Cold Spring. For more information, call Barbara at 845-265-3618 or email [email protected].

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