Sandra Nystrom’s Paintings Now on Exhibit

Works reflect an emotional bond with nature

Ice Pond, painting by Sandra Nystrom. Photo courtesy of Maryann Syrek.

“Abstraction with an echo of sensual realism” is how the paintings of Sandra Nystrom are described by Maryann Syrek, the curator of a new exhibit of Nystrom’s work that recently opened at Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill. The artist herself refers to them as “dreamlike.”

In a review from the publication Gallery & Studio, they observed that “the paintings present pictorial rhythms that do not adhere exactly to what the eye perceives, but convey an emotional reaction to the scene that brings it to vibrant life.” A description of her vision as referential rather than representational or realistic conveys the artist’s emotional bond with nature.

Nystrom had an early vocation to her art and was greatly influenced by an English aunt and uncle who were artists. Her grandmother expressed her art as a Pennsylvania Dutch quilter — perhaps, says Syrek, “imparting her sense of pattern and color to the palette of Nystrom’s early memories and awakening an artistic spirit within Nystrom at a young age.”

Nystrom holds a degree from the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia in textiles. Her paintings reflect this passion and combine texture, color and design. She exhibits extensively throughout the Hudson Valley and is a board member of the Woodstock Artist Association and Museum where she lives and works.

The exhibition was curated by Maryann Syrek of M.Studio Gallery of Cold Spring and will be on the walls of Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill at 91 Main St. in Cold Spring through Sept. 23. Call 845-265-5582 for more information.

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