Garrison Resident Drowns in River

Christopher Baisley was trying to assist his niece

According to published reports in regional media, a Garrison resident, Christopher E. Baisley, 52, of Upland Drive, drowned in the Hudson River last Friday (Aug. 3) after he attempted to aid a niece struggling with a raft tethered to his boat. Bailey reportedly had three children altogether on board.

The accident occurred in the river off Peekskill around the time the annual Peekskill Celebration was getting underway.

Westchester police are quoted in several reports as affirming that no alcohol was involved and that there were no apparent safety violations or foul play associated with the incident.

There is no official explanation for the drowning. According to reports, Baisley was not wearing a life jacket at the time of the incident although the children on board did have life jackets on as required by law.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s marine unit was among the responders to the accident.

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